Sooooo, guess who might be resurrecting her old blog? Me! About time, right?


Dire happenings in the Forest…

I hardly know what to say about what happened last night…I can’t write much yet, I’m still too shaken.  Something went wrong with Salazar’s experiment…we all tried to get back out of the way…all I remember is a strange, quick glimpse of an ancient city before the blast hit me. The force of it was powerful enough to knock me off the Grid entirely, and back to that other world. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t get back.

When I woke up this morning, the Grid must have stabilized, because I could finally get back again. The first thing I noticed was that my eyes had changed, I assume from the energy blast released:

My first surprise…

I’ve changed them before, but this time it hadn’t been voluntary, and I can’t change them back. Hopefully in time I’ll figure out how.

The second thing I noticed was much worse. I need some time before I can write about it in detail…suffice it to say, a good portion of the Forest has been seriously changed. And then there’s this:

No words yet…

The village in Cowell is gone. All, just…gone. I’m reminded of Salazar’s stories of the Great Erase…I can’t even imagine what must have happened to it. I’m still too shocked to speculate. And now a group notice from the Forest trust has arrived, marked Urgent…I haven’t read it yet, I’m afraid to ask what next.

So I spoke too soon…

My reaction…

Okay, I was wrong, I take it all back. I recently checked the Burn2 parcel list and didn’t see my name, so I thought I’d been passed over, and I was pretty gloomy about it. So, tonight I was online late, and got an IM from a staffer asking if I was around. Turns out there was some question about whether I’d have computer access (because I mentioned it on my application, after my old PC went belly-up) and they also hadn’t decided yet which plot was mine. SO, now I’ve just found out I was accepted for a plot, and I can start planning! I’m going to be back on the playa again… life is good! Thank you, universe, I’m sorry I doubted you.  🙂

Something odd in Kahruvel…

Faint blue glow coming from the landing stone…

Late last night I couldn’t sleep, so I went for a walk in the old Kahruvel forest area. When I reached the landing stone, I could hear the humming noise that Salazar has written about elsewhere.  I didn’t like getting even close enough to take this picture… it made me feel sort of itchy. The stone is also now glowing faintly with a blue light. I have no idea what that could mean… I’ve never seen any of the stones in that area glow before. It makes me feel uneasy, somehow. Might have to spend some more time there today so I can see if anything’s changed.


Holy crap, she’s back!

Wow, can’t even remember when my last post was… I stumbled across this blog when I was cleaning out my virtual attic and decided to dust it off and start using it again.

First on the list: I applied for a theme camp at this year’s Burn2, and entered the plot lottery as well, but was passed over in both. Can’t really explain how depressed I am by this… the event used to mean a lot to me, and I’ve been wanting to participate as a builder again ever since I had to pull out a couple of years ago. It makes me wonder if you’re only allowed to build so many times, or something.

Oh well, onward and upward, I guess… since that won’t be occupying my time, maybe I’ll go back to my plan to fiddle around with building an airship.

Ok, so: I check out Snapzilla fairly regularly, and I keep a list of interesting places I see in other people’s pictures, places I’d like to visit.  One place I’ve seen several fascinating images of recently is Virtual Decay Quarantine.  It looked like a really well-made, detailed, dark post-apocalyptic place.  Just the sort of place that I love roaming around in, so tonight I teleported over.

After making a few wardrobe adjustments (too many scripts, whoops) I moved out into the outer room of the entrance area, grabbed a visitor tag and pulled up a list of sim rules.

Problem: they only allow human avatars.  I can understand wanting to keep to a certain atmosphere within a RP area, but the only nonhuman things about me are my horns, and I’m sorry, I’m not going to remove them just so I can go sightseeing in a nearly empty sim. If this place is post-apocalypse, maybe I’m a mutant, ya know?  That’s no more weird than zombies, which are allowed.  Besides which, I tend to avoid people when I’m visiting a RP sim and not RPing, so I can’t imagine I would have offended anyone.  Since I wasn’t willing to comply, I left.  Oh, well.

Mini-rant: my horns are part of me, I wear them all the time.  Okay, almost; the only time I remove them is when going to a concert at which no prim attachments at all are allowed, and I feel weird without them.  I could understand removing them to visit a sim that was trying to adhere strictly to a historical period, but I’m sorry, they’re easy to explain in a post-apocalyptic setting.

Next, I headed over to Bay City Imaginario.  I haven’t been to Bay City in ages, and I’ve been wanting to look around again.  I teleported over, and within five minutes, I froze and crashed.  (Oddly, this is also what happened the last time I tried to go there.)

Oh well… I guess the whole exploration thing wasn’t meant to happen tonight.  (Insert irritated grumble here.)

Edit to add: Your thoughts, please; am I being stubborn?  Should I just break down and make a human version of my av to use in situations such as this?

No, I won’t be there.

Well, I guess I’ve seen what happens when I get too happy about something… it gets taken away.  Explanation; I’ve had to pull out of Burn2 this year.  It wasn’t my idea, and I’m not happy about it, but I didn’t have much choice.

RL circumstances beyond my control made me think I was going to have to close my account, or at least drop down to basic and leave for awhile.  So, I reluctantly dropped out of the event and removed all my objects from the land holdings where I had tier.

As it turned out, the RL threat didn’t happen after all, but the damage was already done.  I’m upset, I’m depressed, and I’m angry.  Truthfully, losing the land doesn’t bother me as much, because we were thinking of moving anyway, but losing Burn2 hurts.  It’s really come to mean a lot to me, and I was excited about getting in again this year.

I’ll be back in SL after my dark mood has calmed down, but not till after Burn2 is over… I don’t even want to visit other people’s builds this year.  Call me overemotional, but it hurts too much to know that I was part of that and had to give it up.