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OMG, not more hair...!!

Okay, just in case someone out there is interested in this type of thing… here’s what I bought at Hair Fair 2010!  (Please, try to contain your applause and cheers.) And in answer to your question, no, I don’t have enough hair already!

Top row, left to right: Curio, Louise – this is exactly the sort of retro haircut I wish I could pull off in RL.  Hairoin, Tricksy – actually a men’s style, but hey.  Rapidly becoming my new favorite.  MINA, Thulani – the curls are a bit over-the-top, but that’s what I like about it.  Bliensen + MaiTai, Absinthe, and Bliensen + MaiTai, Opium – how could I resist these two adorable vintage styles?

Bottom row, left to right: Sari’s, Winged Clips Dreads – sort of a dressy updo, if that’s possible with dreads.  Sari’s, Summer Vine Dreads – I like the Woodstock, summer day, field-of-flowers feel of this one.  Analog Dog, BAM! – I just love the way Analog Dog does waves.  This is the sort of sexy, luxuriant hair I wish I had in RL.  Tekeli-li, Carcosa, and Tekeli-li, Thasaidon – a little weird, but really, how could I not?  They both have lots of color-change options, and they’ll look awesome with some of my space-armor type outfits.  (I’m looking at your section of my closet, Bare Rose.)

So, yeah… that’s this year’s Hair Fair haul, and I’m pleased to say that now I’m done with it for another year.  The demo group is something that I’ll definitely be joining again next year; having all the demos ahead of time saved me from the lagged wandering, trying on at home, more lagged wandering routine.  Big thanks to whoever created the group!


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It’s that time of year again: Hair Fair!  Ah yes, that two-week (approximately) period when most of the grid’s females converge on one multi-sim spot and battle crippling lag in order to stuff their inventories with more hairstyles.  Hey, I’m not complaining, I’m including myself in that number!  (Plus, the event always benefits a worthy charity, so you can’t go wrong there.)

So, this year the Hair Fair sims are built to look like a sort of campsite; dozens of identical square white tents with sculpted flaps, surrounded by wide walkways and lots of trees.  There are even electric fans inside the tents.

Now, all this looks amazing, but all the textures and sculpties and whatnot take forever to rez.  When you add in all the wandering avatars, the resulting lag is beyond belief.  I was wearing minimal prims and teleporting as close as possible to the booths I wanted to see, and I still could barely, barely move.

(I always wonder why the builders don’t keep the Hair Fair sims almost totally blank; maybe just a plain white wall with partitions and very simple vendors and signs hanging up, nothing else.  It’d rez a lot faster!)

One thing that helped me immensely this year was joining the Hair Fair Demos group; Participating designers started sending group members demos of their included styles ahead of time.  I went through the demos, made a folder of the ones I wanted and deleted the rest; this saved me a ton of time pushing through four sims worth of molasses.

I’ve already bought several new styles, which I’ll show off in an upcoming post.  I’ll probably make at least one more trip, because there are a few designers whose Hair Fair styles I haven’t seen yet.  (Some of them didn’t send out demos, or perhaps I missed them; that’s very possible.)  This time though, I’m going to copy their booth locations from the official Hair Fair blog so that I can teleport right there.

Coming up: what I’ve bought so far!

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