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So, I’ve been adding to the Village again, putting in some simple houses built into the hillside like cliff dwellings. I’m still not completely sure if this will be the final design or not… I’m not used to building this type of thing. I want to make it more like the old Village, with its multilevel style and clusters of buildings, but I don’t want it to get out of hand and start looking messy and weird. I still need to add more pieces to this, balconies and walkways and such, so we’ll see where it goes!


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Work continues on the Seaside Village. I’ve added a sort of observation tower at the west end of the property, at the very end of the ridge. You can access it easily with just a little climbing, and once at the top, there’s a great view of the Village, the sea, and the airport. There are new trees around it, and plantings on top and on a platform halfway up.

In other news, the other chunk of land on the peninsula is now for sale. It was recently group owned, but no one was ever there; I guess it didn’t work out for them. I’m slightly nervous to see it for sale, since it’s right next to the Village. Hopefully whoever buys it will like the Village and want to build something compatible. I wouldn’t mind seeing a marina, maybe with fishing…

tower and trees

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Okay, RE: the bitter and discouraged ending of my last entry… this is why I keep coming back. The New Cowell Seaside Village. That’s a big reason.

I mentioned before that restoring the Village has become a personal project for me– even more so now. For quite awhile, there was a large chunk of land in Cowell sitting empty and abandoned. Thanks partly to the new reduction in land fees, I found myself in a position to be able to hold more land; and so, I have acquired part of that abandoned parcel and added it to the Village.

This makes me incredibly happy. I have more space now in which to build, so I can make the Village even bigger. I can bring it a little closer to how it used to be. This has become a labor of love for me; the more time I spend here, the more I love it. I don’t build very fast… adding new pieces takes awhile, since I have to move and adjust and redo until everything looks just right. But adding pieces is definitely something I’m going to be doing for awhile!

New pics below, since I still can’t get them to upload to my profile feed very often. Come wander around, enjoy the dock and the park, take in the views, have a snack or a drink!

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Well, my old blog is back. I was digging around in my bookmarks and found this old blog, and thought, why not?

A lot has changed since my last entry, so long ago. It’s been over three years since the accident that took away part of the Forest and the entire village in Cowell. Salazar disappeared about the same time; about a year later, Osprey went through a mysterious portal in the Kahruvel landing area to try and locate him. Neither has yet returned, although we have had occasional brief communications from Salazar. (And various cryptic hints from the forest spirit Kahruvel, though that’s a story for another time.) We have not given up hope.

Meanwhile, the Forest of Kahruvel is coming back to life. The land is thick with trees, new growth continues, and wildlife is appearing.

Kahruvel overview

Cowell Forest area

It’s truly beautiful to see. With Salazar missing, others have taken over the work of caring for the land; just walk through any part of the Forest and you’ll see things built or planted by Ainia DaFente, Solo Mornington, Immateriale, or others. It’s been so inspiring to see such a huge, growing, group effort to restore the land!

Forest sea coast

And some of the greatest help came from an unexpected source. After three years of sitting empty in limbo as Linden Land, the entire Cowell parcel went up for auction at once, and was bought by Lasher Twilight – an old friend of the Forest who is also anxious to see it restored. He has very kindly allowed us to build and plant on the land as we see fit, and I cannot thank him enough for that!

A santuary in the Forest

As for me, I’m making it my personal project to rebuild the old seaside village, at least in a small way. The new village isn’t nearly as big, but I’ve tried to keep some of the same feel and spirit of the old place. (More photos to come later.) I continue to add to it as the spirit strikes me, and I hope new visitors and old friends alike will be pleased.

New Village

It’s been a long road over the last few years, and it hasn’t always been clear what the future held for Kahruvel. But now, things are looking bright again! So many people are coming together to bring it back and give it new life. There are so many new things to see and places to visit, places to wander and lose yourself, to take a few photos or just sit and meditate and enjoy the scenery. Don’t be a stranger!   🙂

Forest Face

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My reaction…

Okay, I was wrong, I take it all back. I recently checked the Burn2 parcel list and didn’t see my name, so I thought I’d been passed over, and I was pretty gloomy about it. So, tonight I was online late, and got an IM from a staffer asking if I was around. Turns out there was some question about whether I’d have computer access (because I mentioned it on my application, after my old PC went belly-up) and they also hadn’t decided yet which plot was mine. SO, now I’ve just found out I was accepted for a plot, and I can start planning! I’m going to be back on the playa again… life is good! Thank you, universe, I’m sorry I doubted you.  🙂

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