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Just some random bitching and moaning, for anyone who cares… and hey, what a great way to return to my blog after such a long absence, huh?

I must be getting grumpier in my old SL age, because I’m adding to my mental list of things that will make me think twice about shopping in a store again:

  1. If I send you a note letting you know about a problem, and you respond rudely.
  2. If you don’t respond at all. I mean, yeah, I know things come up, RL stuff happens, but you can’t be bothered to take 30 seconds when you get back online to reply with ‘sorry, no’ or ‘thanks for letting me know?’
  3. Selling mesh clothing that only has one size.
  4. Alpha layers for clothes that don’t cover the entire area of the item. If the mesh is styled so that an alpha isn’t needed in certain areas, fine. But if it’s more close-fitting, and I’m wearing the XL size with the alpha and patches of my torso still show, that’s just laziness.
  5. Alpha layers for hair that don’t cover the entire scalp area of the hair. I’ve seen a few styles that I would have bought, if not for this. There were small-but-noticeable areas at the front where skin showed, because the alpha didn’t go that far and the hair (naturally) was not resizeable. (If your hair is resizeable and comes in lots of colors, including bright reds, expect me back many times.)

And yeah, yeah, I know, I could change my shape to make a particular thing fit better… but I’m not going to. I already change my lip shape slightly when I buy a new system skin, so the skin will look more ‘me,’ and store the altered shape with the skin, that’s already more variations on my shape than I probably need.

Okay, rant over… I feel better now.


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