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Well, my old blog is back. I was digging around in my bookmarks and found this old blog, and thought, why not?

A lot has changed since my last entry, so long ago. It’s been over three years since the accident that took away part of the Forest and the entire village in Cowell. Salazar disappeared about the same time; about a year later, Osprey went through a mysterious portal in the Kahruvel landing area to try and locate him. Neither has yet returned, although we have had occasional brief communications from Salazar. (And various cryptic hints from the forest spirit Kahruvel, though that’s a story for another time.) We have not given up hope.

Meanwhile, the Forest of Kahruvel is coming back to life. The land is thick with trees, new growth continues, and wildlife is appearing.

Kahruvel overview

Cowell Forest area

It’s truly beautiful to see. With Salazar missing, others have taken over the work of caring for the land; just walk through any part of the Forest and you’ll see things built or planted by Ainia DaFente, Solo Mornington, Immateriale, or others. It’s been so inspiring to see such a huge, growing, group effort to restore the land!

Forest sea coast

And some of the greatest help came from an unexpected source. After three years of sitting empty in limbo as Linden Land, the entire Cowell parcel went up for auction at once, and was bought by Lasher Twilight – an old friend of the Forest who is also anxious to see it restored. He has very kindly allowed us to build and plant on the land as we see fit, and I cannot thank him enough for that!

A santuary in the Forest

As for me, I’m making it my personal project to rebuild the old seaside village, at least in a small way. The new village isn’t nearly as big, but I’ve tried to keep some of the same feel and spirit of the old place. (More photos to come later.) I continue to add to it as the spirit strikes me, and I hope new visitors and old friends alike will be pleased.

New Village

It’s been a long road over the last few years, and it hasn’t always been clear what the future held for Kahruvel. But now, things are looking bright again! So many people are coming together to bring it back and give it new life. There are so many new things to see and places to visit, places to wander and lose yourself, to take a few photos or just sit and meditate and enjoy the scenery. Don’t be a stranger!   🙂

Forest Face


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Sooooo, guess who might be resurrecting her old blog? Me! About time, right?

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