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Ok, so: I check out Snapzilla fairly regularly, and I keep a list of interesting places I see in other people’s pictures, places I’d like to visit.  One place I’ve seen several fascinating images of recently is Virtual Decay Quarantine.  It looked like a really well-made, detailed, dark post-apocalyptic place.  Just the sort of place that I love roaming around in, so tonight I teleported over.

After making a few wardrobe adjustments (too many scripts, whoops) I moved out into the outer room of the entrance area, grabbed a visitor tag and pulled up a list of sim rules.

Problem: they only allow human avatars.  I can understand wanting to keep to a certain atmosphere within a RP area, but the only nonhuman things about me are my horns, and I’m sorry, I’m not going to remove them just so I can go sightseeing in a nearly empty sim. If this place is post-apocalypse, maybe I’m a mutant, ya know?  That’s no more weird than zombies, which are allowed.  Besides which, I tend to avoid people when I’m visiting a RP sim and not RPing, so I can’t imagine I would have offended anyone.  Since I wasn’t willing to comply, I left.  Oh, well.

Mini-rant: my horns are part of me, I wear them all the time.  Okay, almost; the only time I remove them is when going to a concert at which no prim attachments at all are allowed, and I feel weird without them.  I could understand removing them to visit a sim that was trying to adhere strictly to a historical period, but I’m sorry, they’re easy to explain in a post-apocalyptic setting.

Next, I headed over to Bay City Imaginario.  I haven’t been to Bay City in ages, and I’ve been wanting to look around again.  I teleported over, and within five minutes, I froze and crashed.  (Oddly, this is also what happened the last time I tried to go there.)

Oh well… I guess the whole exploration thing wasn’t meant to happen tonight.  (Insert irritated grumble here.)

Edit to add: Your thoughts, please; am I being stubborn?  Should I just break down and make a human version of my av to use in situations such as this?


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