On the edge…

on the edge

Can you tell it’s been One Of Those Days? (Days, weeks, months…)

Just a random rant, because I have to vent somewhere…

I don’t log in as often as I used to anymore. Some nights I think, what’s the point? In-world snapshots are unreliable at best. I’m lucky if I can get one to actually post anymore. A lot of the people I used to know are gone… the places we used to hang out are gone or empty. Tier fees are so crazy that a lot of really beautiful, fascinating places have had to close. System avatars might as well be phased out… it’s reached a point where you either buy a mesh body or do without, well, anything.

I’m frustrated and tired and I miss my friends. Maybe I’m just getting burned out at last.

Tell me again why I’m still here?



Complaining to the void…


Just some random bitching and moaning, for anyone who cares… and hey, what a great way to return to my blog after such a long absence, huh?

I must be getting grumpier in my old SL age, because I’m adding to my mental list of things that will make me think twice about shopping in a store again:

  1. If I send you a note letting you know about a problem, and you respond rudely.
  2. If you don’t respond at all. I mean, yeah, I know things come up, RL stuff happens, but you can’t be bothered to take 30 seconds when you get back online to reply with ‘sorry, no’ or ‘thanks for letting me know?’
  3. Selling mesh clothing that only has one size.
  4. Alpha layers for clothes that don’t cover the entire area of the item. If the mesh is styled so that an alpha isn’t needed in certain areas, fine. But if it’s more close-fitting, and I’m wearing the XL size with the alpha and patches of my torso still show, that’s just laziness.
  5. Alpha layers for hair that don’t cover the entire scalp area of the hair. I’ve seen a few styles that I would have bought, if not for this. There were small-but-noticeable areas at the front where skin showed, because the alpha didn’t go that far and the hair (naturally) was not resizeable. (If your hair is resizeable and comes in lots of colors, including bright reds, expect me back many times.)

And yeah, yeah, I know, I could change my shape to make a particular thing fit better… but I’m not going to. I already change my lip shape slightly when I buy a new system skin, so the skin will look more ‘me,’ and store the altered shape with the skin, that’s already more variations on my shape than I probably need.

Okay, rant over… I feel better now.

The Forest is back!

Well, my old blog is back. I was digging around in my bookmarks and found this old blog, and thought, why not?

A lot has changed since my last entry, so long ago. It’s been over three years since the accident that took away part of the Forest and the entire village in Cowell. Salazar disappeared about the same time; about a year later, Osprey went through a mysterious portal in the Kahruvel landing area to try and locate him. Neither has yet returned, although we have had occasional brief communications from Salazar. (And various cryptic hints from the forest spirit Kahruvel, though that’s a story for another time.) We have not given up hope.

Meanwhile, the Forest of Kahruvel is coming back to life. The land is thick with trees, new growth continues, and wildlife is appearing.

Kahruvel overview

Cowell Forest area

It’s truly beautiful to see. With Salazar missing, others have taken over the work of caring for the land; just walk through any part of the Forest and you’ll see things built or planted by Ainia DaFente, Solo Mornington, Immateriale, or others. It’s been so inspiring to see such a huge, growing, group effort to restore the land!

Forest sea coast

And some of the greatest help came from an unexpected source. After three years of sitting empty in limbo as Linden Land, the entire Cowell parcel went up for auction at once, and was bought by Lasher Twilight – an old friend of the Forest who is also anxious to see it restored. He has very kindly allowed us to build and plant on the land as we see fit, and I cannot thank him enough for that!

A santuary in the Forest

As for me, I’m making it my personal project to rebuild the old seaside village, at least in a small way. The new village isn’t nearly as big, but I’ve tried to keep some of the same feel and spirit of the old place. (More photos to come later.) I continue to add to it as the spirit strikes me, and I hope new visitors and old friends alike will be pleased.

New Village

It’s been a long road over the last few years, and it hasn’t always been clear what the future held for Kahruvel. But now, things are looking bright again! So many people are coming together to bring it back and give it new life. There are so many new things to see and places to visit, places to wander and lose yourself, to take a few photos or just sit and meditate and enjoy the scenery. Don’t be a stranger!   🙂

Forest Face


Sooooo, guess who might be resurrecting her old blog? Me! About time, right?


Dire happenings in the Forest…

I hardly know what to say about what happened last night…I can’t write much yet, I’m still too shaken.  Something went wrong with Salazar’s experiment…we all tried to get back out of the way…all I remember is a strange, quick glimpse of an ancient city before the blast hit me. The force of it was powerful enough to knock me off the Grid entirely, and back to that other world. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t get back.

When I woke up this morning, the Grid must have stabilized, because I could finally get back again. The first thing I noticed was that my eyes had changed, I assume from the energy blast released:

My first surprise…

I’ve changed them before, but this time it hadn’t been voluntary, and I can’t change them back. Hopefully in time I’ll figure out how.

The second thing I noticed was much worse. I need some time before I can write about it in detail…suffice it to say, a good portion of the Forest has been seriously changed. And then there’s this:

No words yet…

The village in Cowell is gone. All, just…gone. I’m reminded of Salazar’s stories of the Great Erase…I can’t even imagine what must have happened to it. I’m still too shocked to speculate. And now a group notice from the Forest trust has arrived, marked Urgent…I haven’t read it yet, I’m afraid to ask what next.


So I spoke too soon…

My reaction…

Okay, I was wrong, I take it all back. I recently checked the Burn2 parcel list and didn’t see my name, so I thought I’d been passed over, and I was pretty gloomy about it. So, tonight I was online late, and got an IM from a staffer asking if I was around. Turns out there was some question about whether I’d have computer access (because I mentioned it on my application, after my old PC went belly-up) and they also hadn’t decided yet which plot was mine. SO, now I’ve just found out I was accepted for a plot, and I can start planning! I’m going to be back on the playa again… life is good! Thank you, universe, I’m sorry I doubted you.  🙂


Something odd in Kahruvel…

Faint blue glow coming from the landing stone…

Late last night I couldn’t sleep, so I went for a walk in the old Kahruvel forest area. When I reached the landing stone, I could hear the humming noise that Salazar has written about elsewhere.  I didn’t like getting even close enough to take this picture… it made me feel sort of itchy. The stone is also now glowing faintly with a blue light. I have no idea what that could mean… I’ve never seen any of the stones in that area glow before. It makes me feel uneasy, somehow. Might have to spend some more time there today so I can see if anything’s changed.